"Bunny Farmer"
8.5" tall with underglazed
details and clear glaze.
"White Collar Pig"
10" tall with underglazed
details, clear glaze
"Farmer Pig"
!0" tall with underglazed
details, clear glaze.
"NC Zoo Bear Volunteer"
Donated to NC Zoo, 2011
"President Obama putting
lipstick on a pig"
"I am Beautiful"
info here
Jug-or-Nots and Other Jugs
Every pottery example below was wheel-thrown and hand-sculpted from earthenware clay by potter Kay Bevan.

Jug-or-nots are pots that begin on the wheel as regular hand-thrown jugs, but are closed up completely to form the
body of a "shelf sitter" or sculpture. Some examples are pictured below.

NOTE: Items shown may no longer be available!
"Rooster Farmer"
"Roy Ackland"
from Roy's Folks on Fox 8 News

Donated to Roy Ackland
"I'm Too Sexy for my Clothes"
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